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Donate your 5x1000 to the Institute

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The 5 × 1000 represents the main opportunity to support the Anzino Public Institute.

Donating 5 × 1000 of your actual taxes does not cost the taxpayer anything: it is an amount that the State, instead of collecting and withholding, allocates to non-profit entities and to specific subjects that carry out activities of social importance.

Allocate your 5 × 1000 to the Anzino Public Institute via:

730 pre-filled deadline scheduled for 07/23/2020, extended to 09/30/2020;

730 ordinary

- presented to the withholding agent by 07/07/2020

- submitted directly to the Revenue Agency, to the CAF or to the professional by 30/09/2020

Income Model (former Individual Persons Model)

- submitted by post by 30/09/2020

- submitted electronically by 11/30/2020

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