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Istituto Oggi


The purpose of the association is to enrich the quality of life of the associates and citizens of Anzino, from a moral, cultural, social, artistic and civil point of view, as per the express will of the ancient founders.

Associates must generously bring their human, professional, moral gifts and their wealth of ideas to the association for its management and development.

Statute of the Institute

The Public Institute of Anzino was born in Rome on March 17, 1832, from the will of the Anzinesi settlers who had moved there from the second half of the 16th century. The "Mass of Taxpayers" decides to combine their assets in order to support the country from a social, artistic and civil point of view. Over the centuries, the charitable institution has provided support for the country of Anzino by guaranteeing some fundamental services, including elementary education for all children and the creation of public works that the country needed. Another work carried out by the Institute was that in favor of the Sanctuary of Sant'Antonio, the beating heart of the town, which over the centuries has been enriched by the works of art that have arrived in the town from Rome, starting with the Miraculous Picture of Sant ' Antonio who donated in 1669. For more than 180 years the Institute has carried out its work, and even today, despite the changed needs, the Institute is working to support the town and its inhabitants.

Among the main works that the body supports today is the promotion of the country's history in all its aspects, and the organization of cultural and recreational events aimed at improving the quality of life of the inhabitants and promoting the tourist attractiveness of the country. .

The Articles of Incorporation

The Statute

Final balance sheet

The structure of the Association

General Assembly of Associates

It is the assembly made up of all the members of the Anzino Public Institute. It meets every year to discuss the President's report and the budget. Three auditors are appointed internally.

the board of directors

It is the body invested with the broadest powers of ordinary and extraordinary management of the association. Only members are eligible within it. Inside, the elected council appoints a president, a vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer.

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