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"Those born in Anzino and all those who have been permanently resident and / or domiciled there for at least five years, the descendants in a straight line, wives and husbands are associated by right. In the case of separation or cessation of the civil effects of the marriage, the spouse who has acquired the associability by marriage does not lose the status of associate. "

Associates must generously bring their human, professional, moral gifts and their wealth of ideas to the association for its management and development.

All those who possess the necessary requisites to be associated with the Public Institute of Anzino, can submit a request for registration to the Board of Directors. The request will be sent by downloading the appropriate form from the link on the side and sending it completed and signed in its entirety to: The Board, after having deliberated, will communicate the outcome of the request to the interested party within 60 days from the date of submission of the application. Please note that the criteria for requesting associability are those expressed in the paragraph above.

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